Automatonism 1.1 was uploaded today with a few minor bug fixes. 

- fixed a bug with the VCA and MAESTRO4 that produced a problem with shorter percussive envelope shapes

- Added an ORGANELLE-OUTPUT module

- Fixed a bug with the CLOCK cv input

- changed the quantizer to transform bi-polar input signals to uni-polar

- fixed a bug where the right outlet of MILLERVERB was out of phase.

- made a selector on the 1to4SWITCH & 4to1SWITCH to enable 2 step, or 3 step switching

- got rid of a few error messages in the pd console


From the maker of Xodular comes Automatonism– a virtual modular synthesizer featuring 67 modules, dynamic preset management and advanced parameter mapping, all on an open source platform.

To showcase the instrument’s expansive capabilities, a 7-track album and tutorial video series, Synth Recipes, are available on this site. Automatonism runs in Pure Data, making it compatible with all major operating systems.